It is no wonder why so many companies have chosen Dallas, Texas as the home of their headquarters, or an expansion location for their businesses. Business just works better here.

The Lone Star State is home to 54 Fortune 500 Companies, and Dallas has become the home for 24 of those Fortune 500 companies. Texas economy is flourishing, and it is safe to say that the state’s dynamic healthcare industry is the biggest reason why. Texas has the second largest population in the US, and it continues to rank 1st in population growth. The expansion of existing hospitals and construction of new facilities is part of the response to this growing trend. In 2017, Texas spent $15.8 billion dollars in medical construction and expansion. That new construction and expansion means one thing- the need of more healthcare professionals.

In the Dallas – Fort Worth area the healthcare industry alone represents 15% of all regional economic activity. The healthcare industry in Dallas,Texas is huge, and YOU are what drive this field. You need a Dallas – Fort Worth health care attorney that realizes how important it is that you keep your license. The nursing or medical license is what represents your livelihood. Your nursing or medical license allows you to be there, for Dallas and the entire state of Texas. The combined team of the Dallas – Fort Worth health care workforce represents its greatest asset. Health care touches the lives of nearly everyone in the Dallas- Fort Worth area at some point. Even during periods of economic volatility and uncertainty, the healthcare industry is one of the strongest employment sectors. It not only drives growth in the Dallas -Fort Worth region, it is a strong driving force for our national economy. The fact that the Dallas – Fort Worth area is home to over 100 major healthcare related headquarters means that the various branches of the industry overlap, thereby creating a synergy within the healthcare community. One might say that the diversity found in the Dallas region is the largest contributor to the success of the healthcare industry, and why healthcare workers, companies and investors from all over the world are drawn to the North Texas and Dallas region.

At Eyler Law Offices we represent medical professionals in various types of civil, criminal, and administrative cases. We represent nurses and physicians who are being investigated by the Texas Board of Nursing or Texas Medical Board, or any state, federal and administrative investigations into health care providers and businesses. In addition, we also represent and defend medical professionals, e.g. nurses, physicians, pharmacists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, dentists, licensed professional counselors, and all Texas State licensed professionals.

Eyler Law represents medical professionals in various types of professional/occupational license liability matters. We handle investigations and complaints with the following Texas agencies: Texas Medical Board, Texas Board of Nursing, Texas Board of Pharmacy, Texas Board of Physical and Occupational Therapists, Texas Dental Board. We can assist you in any investigation or complaints that have been made about you to your respective professional regulatory board. We can also defend you and your nursing and medical license in front of any Texas regulatory board. We are here to help all nurses and physicians and other health care providers protect their professional/ occupational licenses from corrective action, reprimand, warning, revocation or suspension.

Eyler Law can help you with any health care compliance issues, HIPAA, regulatory/legal issues, Medicare and Medicaid health care fraud allegations. We can assist with any type of investigation by any state or federal agency e.g. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), United States Department of Health and Human Services-Office of Inspector General (HHS-OIG), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Texas Attorney General, Texas Department of Health and Humans Services, or the Texas Attorney General -Medicaid Fraud Control Units, just to name a few. We also represent clients in various types of state and federal criminal cases, including any misdemeanors and felonies.

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