Medical / Health Care Power of Attorney and Living Will and Physician Directives

Why Is It Advisable to Have a Medical or Health Care Power of Attorney and Living Will or Physician Directive?

Although it is not a topic that most people want to discuss, it is important to have a medical/healthcare power of attorney and/or a physician directive in order to protect your wishes, and your loved ones in the event that you suffer a premature or unexpected death. A medical power of attorney gives guidance to a family on how you want any medical treatment to be provided in the event that you suffer a life ending injury or a terminal illness. It helps your family to be able to make the difficult decision because they know it is what you want and have provided them with the legal document to make that decision.

At Eyler Law Offices, we can help give you peace of mind and guidance to assist you with any medical planning and decision making, knowing that if something happens to you, your family will be able to follow through with your wishes and will not have to be burdened with that ultimate decision, whatever it may be. We can assist you with the following issues and documents:

  • General Power of Attorney
  • Health Care Power of Attorney
  • Statutory Power of Attorney
  • Medical Power of Attorney
  • HIPAA releases for medical records
  • Living Will
  • Physician Directive
  • Disability Planning

Eyler Law Offices are here to help you make a very emotional and difficult time less strenuous and heartbreaking. By planning ahead, you are helping your family by not putting them in a position later that can become very emotional and painful for them.

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