Arson Charges

Persons arrested for arson should contact a criminal defense attorney for an aggressive defense against the charges. Arson is a very serious offense and it carries very serious penalties. Arson can be extremely difficult for prosecutors to prove so it is in your best interest to get a skilled attorney from the very beginning of any arson investigation. At Eyler Law Offices, we understand the high stakes in any felony arson case, and because of that you can count on us to protect and defend your Constitutional rights to ensure that justice is served.


All arson cases are felonies and they range from 3rd degree felonies (2-10 years in jail) all the way up to 1st degree felonies (5 years to life in jail) depending on the circumstances (such as whether it was a habitation or not or whether anyone was injured as a result of the fire).

Representation and Defense

Eyler Law Offices will provide an aggressive defense for persons charged with arson. We will fight to ensure your rights are respected and protected throughout the process. We will investigate your case to also ensure that the law enforcement officials followed the law and did not abuse their authority at any time in the investigation. We will seek out any facts and evidence that will aid and assist us in the defense of your case. We will challenge any and all questionable evidence to provide the best possible representation for your case. Your Constitutional rights are important to us, and we will act swiftly to protect you against any violation of those rights.

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