Probation Violations and Revocations

Motion to Revoke Probation and Motion to Adjudicate

If the government is accusing you of violating the terms of your probation or deferred adjudication, you could be facing very severe penalties, including jail time. At any time, the Court can issue a warrant for your arrest if any violation is reported or alleged to the Judge/ Court by your probation officer. If you have failed to report to your probation officer, failed to pay your fines/fees, had a positive drug test, or have absconded for several months, there is more than likely a warrant out for your arrest and it is very important for you to contact a criminal defense attorney to handle your motion to revoke or motion to adjudicate case. An attorney can make arrangements with the prosecutors and the court to turn you in, so that a hearing can be scheduled to discuss your case. By coming forward with an attorney, it will appear better to the court that you voluntarily turn yourself in, rather than wait to get arrested on a warrant. It is only after you have turned yourself in that an attorney can even discuss bond issues or your case with the prosecutor and the court.

If after a hearing, the violation is found to be true by the Court, the Judge can make a choice to keep you on probation or deferred adjudication, or send you to the county jail or the state penitentiary. Therefore, it is very important for you to obtain a knowledgeable and aggressive attorney who is able to effectively represent you and protect your rights in your motion to revoke probation or motion to adjudicate hearing. If you suspect you have a warrant out for your arrest, call Eyler Law Offices at (214) 540-7750 or email us from our contact page to discuss your probation violation issues.

Representation and Defense

At the Law Offices of Bridget Eyler, we have extensive experience with probation and deferred adjudication revocations, and we use that experience to provide you with the best representation and defense possible. As an experienced defense attorney and a former state and federal prosecutor who has handled numerous probation and deferred adjudication revocations, I understand the seriousness of a probation revocation hearing and do not take it lightly. In addition, we understand the impact it can have on someone’s life and we will work diligently and effectively to plan a defense to keep your probation or deferred adjudication from being revoked and to keep your record clean. You can count on us to vigorously defend your Constitutional rights to ensure that you are effectively represented and justice is served. At Eyler Law Offices, we understand the criminal justice legal system, and we know and appreciate that immediate action is critical to any probation revocation or motion to adjudicate case.

It is important for you to have an attorney who is familiar with probation department and the courts where these revocation motions are heard. Eyler Law Offices will do everything they can to minimize impact of your probation violations so that it does not have a serious effect on your life.

If you need an attorney in the Dallas/ Fort Worth metroplex, call Eyler Law Offices at (214) 540-7750 or email us from our contact page to discuss your Motion to Revoke Probation or Motion to Adjudicate Guilt.

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