Evading Arrest

Have you found yourself charged with Evading Arrest when you ran from the police because you were scared and not sure what was happening to you. Evading Arrest is a crime that law enforcement takes seriously. It can come with some severe penalties and consequences. If convicted of Evading Arrest in a Motor Vehicle you could face up to a year in jail or if someone was injured you could face up to 10 years in jail, possibly even more if you have ever been convicted of evading arrest before. Therefore, it is very important to hire an experienced attorney who understands the seriousness of an Evading Arrest conviction.

Evading Arrest Representation and Defense

As a former prosecutor, I know how important it is to immediately begin the investigation into your evading arrest case. I will seek out any facts and evidence that will aid and assist us in the defense of your case. It is always important to remember, that even if a person is accused or charged with a crime or wrongdoing, that person is innocent until proven guilty and the government has the burden of proving the case.

At Eyler Law Offices, we understand that the government has the heavy burden of proving their case and establishing guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. You can assure yourself that we will hold them to that heavy burden. We are dedicated to helping you protect your personal rights, freedom and liberty. We will commit to you, to fight to protect your Constitutional rights, and to provide you with the best possible representation and defense to obtain a positive outcome for your case

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