Assault (Family Violence) / Aggravated Assault (With a Deadly Weapon) / Attempted Murder

If you find yourself facing Assault (Family Violence), Aggravated Assault (with a deadly weapon) or any assaultive type offense you need an attorney who understands the consequences of how this charge can affect your life. You could be facing some serious jail time and fines with any of these charges. It does not matter if it is first time offense for you, it can lead to some serious jail time and fines. It is important to know that a conviction for assault, especially assault- family violence can get you terminated from your current occupation and it can keep you from obtaining future employment, licenses, permits or memberships, and it can get your license suspended or revoked from many professional occupations. It can also be used against you in any family law, divorce, or child custody cases. You need to be very informed of all of the potential consequences of an assault – family violence case before you make any deals with the government or accept a plea bargain.

For any assault or aggravated assault case, it is very important to speak to an aggressive and experienced attorney before making any statement to, or responding to any law enforcement official, prosecutor, or administrator. You need to be aware of the consequences of a conviction for an assault/assault-family violence case. Your Constitutional rights are important, and we will act swiftly to protect you against any violation of those rights. Contact Eyler Law Offices at (214) 540-7750 or email us from our contact page to help you with your assault charges.

Assault – Family Violence / Aggravated Assault – With a Deadly Weapon – Representation and Defense

As a former state and federal prosecutor, I know how important it is to begin the investigation into the facts of your assault case immediately. I have handled and tried many assault/assault-family violence/aggravated assault cases. Too many times, the government is only listening to one side of the story and they will have someone already deemed guilty before they have even discussed the case with anyone. That is why it is important to have an assertive and aggressive attorney that will get your side of the story told and to ensure that your rights are protected. We will seek out any facts and evidence that will aid and assist in the defense of your assault case. Always keep in mind, that even if a person is accused or charged with a crime or wrongdoing, that person is innocent until proven guilty and the government has the burden of proving the case.

At the Law Offices of Bridget Eyler, we understand that the government (prosecution) has the heavy burden of proving their case and establishing guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. You can be assured that we will hold the prosecution to that heavy burden. We are dedicated to helping you protect your personal rights, freedom and liberty. We will fight to protect your Constitutional rights and to provide you with the best possible representation and defense for your case.

If you need an attorney in the Dallas/ Fort-Worth metroplex, contact us at (214) 540-7750 or email us from our contact page to discuss your assault – family violence or aggravated assault case.

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